SOC323: Junior Seminar


Develop a daily writing habit and begin the process of completing a senior capstone project. Through daily writing, students transform a topic of interest into a sociological research question, review the relevant literature, and develop a research methodology. Students will leave this class ready to engage in an independent research endeavor that will inform their senior capstone. 


SOC355: Filipinos in Hawai'i


Although Filipinos are one of the largest immigrant groups in the United States, their experiences are often ignored. Committing your time and effort to this course works to contract this trend, by creating a space to examine the contemporary and historical experiences of Filipinos in Hawaii. Although you’ll learn a lot about Filipinos, Hawaii, and Filipinos in Hawaii, you’ll also strengthen your sociological imagination to understand how social structures and individual agency intersect. The experience of Filipinos in Hawaii provides deep insights into questions such as: how does historical marginalization manifests itself in contemporary settings, how do individuals develop an identity within oppressive systems, what does the study of Filipinos in Hawaii teach us about ourselves and sociology, and how can we cultivate equity and justice in an increasingly diverse world. Throughout the semester, you’ll work closely with your colleagues to build a community that seeks to understand the experiences of Filipinos in Hawaii and why it is vital for the experiences of Filipinos in Hawaii and the United States to be told.


SOC360: Critical Race Theory


Centered on the lived experiences of marginalized and oppressed groups, critical race scholarship critically examines our dominant ideologies about race and racism. Additionally, the course content seeks to illuminate the intersections between racism and other systems of oppression (e.g., sexism, heterosexism, elitism, etc.) Aligned with critical race theory's commitment to social justice, students in this course will complete a public sociology project that seeks to interrupt dominant ideologies of race and racism.