Filipino Identity in Hawaii

Interviews with Filipino individuals in Hawaii provide insights into how individuals negotiate a Filipino identity in Hawaii. Grounded theory analysis of interview data highlight the effects of the stigmatization of Filipino in Hawaii, the way that Filipinos in Hawaii distance themselves from Filipino, and the processes individuals engage in to reclaim a Filipino identity later in life. Overall this research strives to showcase the often overlooked experiences of Filipinos in Hawaii. 


Progressive Masculinity

Interviews with men from Hawaii and Oregon provide insights into the ways that men construct and assert a "progressive masculine" identity. Insights from these interviews demonstrate the hegemonic nature of masculinity as men who seek to challenge traditional forms of masculinity rely heavily on dichotomous gender categories and traditionally defined masculine traits in their constructions of "progressive masculinity." 

Discussing Race with Children

Data collection for this project is ongoing. This research employs qualitative data collection and analysis procedures to examine the strategies that parents and individuals who are planning to be parents use to discuss race with their children. Overall, this research examines how, when, and why parents engage in or avoid conversations about race with their children.